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are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. >>> president obama makes another promise to fix the government's faulty health insurance website and apologizes to the millions of americans who have had their insurance policies canceled as a result of his health care overhaul. >> i am sorry that they're finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >>> a typhoon of historic proportions slams the philippines. the category 5 storm threatens millions of lives as it comes to shore. >>> and the federal government finishes off artificial trans fats. the fda announces it's banning the fats in food because they are too dangerous to eat. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning
by the super typhoon all in need of help as relief supplies trickle in. >>> the obama administration braces for more backlash against the president's health care law. new numbers show the first month of open enrollment yielded only a fraction of new customers that the white house had hoped for. >>> and words for war. two veterans help their fellow soldiers share their feelings on life during wartime in just a few short words. >> it's incredible on what six words can say and how different each one is. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november >> this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 12th, 2013. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. in the philippines this morning,
. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody? president obama's health care law, evidence the white house knew the failed insurance website had problems before it went live while the exists site is a primary target for hackers. >> do any of you today think the site is secure? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >>> congressman charged trey radel after they say he bought cocaine from am undercover agent. >>> and a new way to find the perfect fit. >> boot cut wash and they fit from every angle. captioning funded by cbs
. >> a-rod. he walks out of a hearing on his drug suspension and president obama gives 16 extraordinary americans the nation's highest civilian award. captioning funded by cbs
disappointing that the u.s. biofuels industry is now under attack from president obama's e.p.a. this action, which was vigorously pursued by big oil, is a slap in the face of our domestic energy producers. who would have believed that big oil found an ally in president obama's e.p.a., since he's been such a defender of biofuels and all green energy? who would have expected the obama e.p.a. to be more harmful to our domestic biofuels effort than president bush ever was? you know, president bush was demagogued as an oil man from texas. but he never undermined biofuels to the extent that this proposal from this e.p.a. would. in making this announce many, the e.p.a. said that the challenges to supplying more ethanol to the market are too great of the so-called -- is too great because of the so-called blend wall. the fact is, the blend wall is a creation of big oil. the primary reason ethanol is not blended at levels higher than 10% today is because big oil has stood in the way. congress knew in 2007 that the rf -- renewable fuels standard would require biofuels to be blended at levels higher th
they happened. now, if i was to say that bill a r-r s, because he's a terrorist and goes about obama's book, he's going the drive a farar ri and go into mcdonalds, with we are dealing with prophesy, we're dealing with centuries before the big event of the death of christ, not 478 minutes by centuries and centuries, for instance on psalm sunday when jesus rode the donkey, 400 years before it happened, god said it had to happen in jerusalem, it had to happen in the 497th year, he said we would be yankedbacker wounded for our transgressions, the reason why he would die would be for our transgression, these are detail, where and where he would die, when he would die, where he would be born. when christ arose from the death, he says he fools in slow of heart to believe all the prophets, and then after he satisfied the claims of justice, enter into his glory. >> thank you. next speaker. >> mr. president, board members of the board of supervisors, 66 thousand dollars, is anyone owing 66 thousand or is owed 66 thousand, when the city and county of san francisco others me 66 thousand of work that i hav
. >> barack obama has paid tribute to the recipients of the presidenti presidential medal of freedom awards. ernie banks, loretta lynn and oprah winfrey were amongst the recipients. it was a medal made by john f. kennedy in 1963. >> a truth it was that resonated with john f. kennedy who th -- said i am certain that we will not be remembered for victory or defeat but for our contribution to the human spirit. that unbending belief that the power to make great a nation is found in its people and in their freedom. that was his philosophy, his legacy. >> let's take a look closely at john f. kennedy - the man and his legacy. we have his story from washington. >> his youth and charisma suggested a break with the past. his rhetoric embraced a future of the at his inauguration the image diverged with reality. old world bribery is seen as a factor. the kennedies were aggressive and willing to bepd the rules. >> it was wondered whether he would have ended the u.s. involvement in vietnam or made piece with the soviets. >> weapons were constructed. kennedy launched a sab tarnal of cuba. it committed to
of civilians have died since president barack obama "told this lie" if you want your health care you can keep it. i am just talking about it from a political point of view from a person is that his politics. host: we will leave it there. philip bump? guest: to your first point, the extent to which the media gets money from corporations, particularly following the citizens united decision. this goes to your point about eyer andg and tom st the other external spending. it is not the same sort of spending but it is in effect the same thing. actuallyorations can affect the outcome. there are different schools of thought. some people feel as though it already had a significant effect on how political campaigns have run and some people feel it has been a and nothing has happened with it yet. i think time will tell. i think people are trying to explore that and we will see how that actually shifts things or if it does. to your second point, i wrote a piece in the campaign last year. the point at which political candidates say what they think people want to hear to get the vote. the definition of lie
been reached on iran's nuclear program. president obama called the deal an important first step. >> today that diplomacy opened up a new path towards a world that is more secure. a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and cannot build a nuclear weapon. i hope the outcome of this process, in addition to the resolution of the nuclear issue will be to take concrete steps in the restoration of confidence. >> the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif looked ahead to building relationships with the u.s. >> in syria - rebels seize one of the largest oil fields. the lose of mullah mohammad omar means that almost all the government's access to the omar reserve has been cued off much >> those are the head lines, you can get the latest news online at i'm morgan radford, see you in an hour. >> the knockout the game spreads teens are cold cocking strangers the problem and what is the best way to stop it? has been increasingly struck by you can beat your child in a race at their 'their age. >> the mobile individual yo game candy crush is
-to-last independent bookstore with a mind of its own, the next to last leftie looking for obama nirvana. [laughter] the first day of the wall street occupation set forth upon this continent a new revolutionary nation. [applause] >> in addition to its own programming as -- of artist talks, meridian has been a downtown host for san francisco states well-known port trees center. recent luminaries have included david meltzer, steve dixon, and jack hirsch man. >> you can black as out of the press, blog and arrest us, tear gas, mace, and shoot us, as we know very well, you will, but this time we're not turning back. we know you are finished. desperate, near the end. hysterical in your flabbergastlyness. amen. >> after the readings, the crowd headed to a reception upstairs by wandering through the other gallery rooms in the historic home. the third floor is not usually reserved for just parties, however. it is the stage for live performances. ♪ under the guidance of musical curators, these three, meridian has maintained a strong commitment to new music, compositions that are innovative, experimental, a
to go to each day and simply be judged by the job they do. again, that from president obama. house speaker john boehner opposes the employment nondiscrimination act and said the house will not vote on the legislation. >>> texas governor reason for president last year. he came in fifth place in the iowa caucuses. he's back in iowa tonight speaking at the polk county republican dinner. you can see his speech live on our companion networking c-span. >> president obama was fundraising in dallas yesterday, texas governor rick perry fundraising in iowa this evening. todd gillman is the washington bureau chief and joins us by phone. what is -- you're writing that the president comes to a state texas being one of the chief sources of resistance to the health care law. what did the president accomplish by his visit yesterday? >> caller: well, the primary goal there seemed to be fundraising. he raised some large sum that we don't know the exact amount of money for the democratic sen nate campaign that go to states other than texas. texas democrats are not very competitive. there's a john cor
security informed us that the suspects who sent ricin to president obama in april of this year was a vendor on silk road. law enforcement including the fbi, immigration and customs enforcement, and the secret service should be applauded for their work in taking down a major international criminal enterprise. while silk road was perhaps the most well known, if thought tno the only marketplace where illicit drugs were bought and sold through bit coin transactions. today a number of sites are still in business, selling weapons, child pornography and even murder for hire services. while today i suspect we'll talk a lot about the well-known virtual currency bit coin, there are numerous currencies operati operating, each with its own specific set of features. that said, whether it's bit coin or any of the other virtual currencies, the federal government and societies need to come together to figure out how to effectively deal with it. whether or not digital currencies prove to be a boom or a bust, it's clear that some folks just want a chance to try and play by the rules. that's difficult to do i
-- they are not calling president obama if they are not happy in the consumer experience. they are calling us. so it is incumbent upon us to figure out how to make this work as best as we can for that. >> and i think either is a point that can't be stressed. the states come at this from very different perspectives. the eligibility in the 1980s and this is a perfect opportunity for many of them to modernize. because no one else runs the systems into the states are coming at this from a lot of different perspectives. and here is a point that is also really important. regardless of whether a state has made the decision to expand medicaid or not, then to do a state exchange or federal exchange, every single state has had to do enormous work and totally overhauling a lot of their systems and ensuring this connectivity with the federal hub and the exchanges that is building eligibility systems, reworking your application procedures and business processes that live underneath that. again it's figuring out how do you communicate that information seamlessly with the hub, and then thinking about again, onc
might add, not for the better. i find it amazingly contradictory that the obama administration is granting a delay that provides private businesses temporary relief from an employer mandate, yet american families will be subject to the individual mandate. it is even more inconsistent and unfair to punish american families by imposing a penalty for gnat enrolling on a web site that isn't working. last week, i signed on to legislation to delay the individual mandate until six months after the web site is verifiably fixed. i have also signed onto a bill that delays the mandate for a year and another bill that would repeal it entirely. i firmly oppose the mandate. i hope to repeal it, but at the very least, i believe americans should have the same protection that our nation's businesses have been promised. because the reality is this law has put goodwill and hardworking americans who are playing by the rules in the most frustrating and heartbreaking situations. when it comes to this law, i have already said i believe the people of nebraska and the citizens of our great country dese
, washington, dc. we are encouraging policymakers throughout the obama administration and epa to recognize that we have economic alternatives. we can take dirty coal off-line and invest more in solar and wind. we can displace with renewable energy resources. host: c-span will be covering that. michael brune p.m. on c- span q&a. host: we are back. joining us from san francisco this morning to continue our conversation about renewable energy is joseph desmond. he is the senior vice president of marketing and governor -- government affairs for brightsource energy. here to talk about ivanpah, what is this? guest: it is concentrating solar thermal power plant. most people think of the panels you see on rooftops. we are using a field of mirrors and they track this done -- the sun on two axes. it focuses the sunlight onto a tower. that steam produced is sent through a turbine. host: where is this taking place? guest: just on the edge of california. 40 miles south of las vegas. it is an area that has fantastic son. -- sun. that is exactly where it is. it is located adjacent to a 36 hole golf cours
that aren't needed, republicans had stopped a grand total of two of president obama's judicial nominees. not ten, as the democrats had by president bush's fifth term in office, not 34 as one of my colleagues tried to suggest earlier this week. no, two have been stopped. and if you include the nominees for the d.c. circuit, we've stopped a grand total of five. again, not ten as the democrats had done in 2005, not 34 as one of my colleagues tried to argue earlier this week, but five. during the same time, we've confirmed 209 lower court article 3 judges, that's a record of 209 judges approved, to five that were not approved. so this threat isn't based on any crisis. there is no crisis. i'd note that today's "wall street journal" editorial entitled "d.c. circuit breakers" -- quote --"the white house wants to pack a court whose judges are underworked" -- end of quote, lays out a caseload pretty clearly, and i'd ask that this editorial be made a part of the record. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. grassley: so this is about a naked power grab and nothing more than a power grab.
Search Results 5,400 to 5,415 of about 5,416